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Miele Cooking with Denise McGaha

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I’ve been waiting to share this news and now I can finally talk about it!!  I was so excited to receive my copy of Veranda yesterday and see the Miele ad.



When they called to talk about their new ad campaign “Dare To Cook Differently”, I was so excited to be included.  These ads will be coming out in House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Veranda in the coming months, which is so huge.  I love all of these publications and love that Miele has partnered with them to educate their readers on great appliances and kitchen design.  Miele is an appliance brand that we specify in many of our kitchen designs for our clients.






This is a home we designed that has an entire Miele appliance package – even the laundry is Miele.  I love having a wall of appliances and our client selected a steam oven as well as a range top and wall ovens for their needs)

You’ll see in my commentary in this campaign how we entertain as a family almost every week and having this ease of cooking and cleaning is so great.

We also LOVE the Miele coffee systems and were first introduced to them when we installed one at our design studio almost 9 years ago.  Everyone loves to have a coffee or espresso when visiting us and they remember to save their coffee intake for that day at our office and not Starbucks!


Thanks so much to Miele for including me in their campaign and I am secretly crushing on their countertop coffee system for my own kitchen.  Wouldn’t this be the perfect solution to being able to take our coffee love with us when we move in a few short years.


Make sure you check out everything Miele has to offer HERE and stay tuned for a special evening we have planned at the Miele Showroom in Dallas in May.  If you are in Dallas, I will be hosting an evening where you can experience everything Miele has to offer and I look forward to meeting many of my readers there!



Brizo’s New Product Launch

Posted by Denise McGaha
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As part of the Brizo Blogger19 family, I have been a behind-the-scenes member of an exclusive group of designers and bloggers for Brizo for a few years now.  This means many things, including insight into new products they are considering and are also planning to launch.  Imagine my delight when these beautiful designs landed in my inbox by many of my designer friends.  Take a moment to see the beauty that is Brizo and see it come to life here in the vignettes designed by Christian, Donna , Richard and Jonathan.

Brizo is excited to share two new kitchen and bath offerings:

  • Solna Articulating Kitchen Faucet
  • Rook Bath Collection

Brizo has teamed up with fellow Blogger19 alumni and asked them to conceptualize four unique spaces in order to showcase these new product offerings.  I think you’ll agree that these vignettes are stunning and Brizo has created two fabulous new collections.


Legate Total

Set design by Jonathan Legate, Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation

Hall Total

Set design by Donna Hall, Donna Mondi Interior Design

Herb Total

Set design by Richard Herb, Richard W. Herb and Associates

May Total

Set design by Christian May, Maison 21

We specify Brizo on many of our design projects and love their view to fashion and function.

Monday Crush: Scot Meacham Wood’s New Lifestyle Brand

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I am so excited for my friend, Scot Meacham Wood.  He has worked so hard and is launching his new luxury lifestyle brand Scot Meacham Wood Home.

Denise and Scot

Inspired by his love of the Scottish countryside, Scot has curated a unique, one-of-a-kind line of furnishings, textiles, accessories and upholstered pieces.  Scot’s line of textiles is rich in color and includes more than 50 fabrics to choose from.  He loves tartan plaid – it’s his signature, and when you see a room designed by Scot, you’ll know his look instantly!  As he says, “Tartan is the new black.”  Below is his “Meacham Tartan”…it’s bold and colorful, just like Scot. He also offers luxurious custom dyed trims and fringes to add the perfect details to any project.

Meacham Tartan

Scot Meacham Wood Home - Textile Collection

Scot incorporates antiques into his design, which I love, and he has a fabulous line of antiques and unique treasures to add character and personality to any room.

Scot Meacham Wood Home - Tartans

porcupine box




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