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Traci Zeller Designs New Fabric Line Launch

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I will be busy working in High Point this weekend at Spring Furniture Market.  I can’t wait to see all the great new trends in furniture and design.  I am also super excited to be sharing the launch of my friend Traci Zeller’s new fabric line while in High Point.  If you are there for market, make sure you drop by Sunday to see everything Traci has created at 220 Elm in the Younger Furniture Showroom from 1:30 – 3:30! 

The design on the invitation is one of Traci’s new fabrics.  Her line has great whimsy and glamour all in one happy package.  I love how many designers have their own fabric lines and are promoting their brand through licensing and/or producing furniture, accessories, lighting, fabric and more.

Kudos Traci!!  I also wrote this week about Traci and her collaboration with Lisa Mende on their showhouse room for the Junior League of Greensboro Traditional Home Showhouse HERE.

Happy Saturday friends.

Designed with a Deadline: Traci Zeller

Posted by Denise McGaha
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Today I am excited to introduce all of my readers to Traci Zeller.  Traci is my “smart” friend and with degrees in both accounting and law, and also the title of Mom to twin boys, I can’t imagine how she makes the time to run her interior design firm too!  Traci’s blog, is full of tips for mothers of multiples and any Mom for that matter.  Her practical design styles also have such a stylish feel and I am so happy to be bringing you Traci’s view on “Design with a Deadline”. 

Traci has been named a Style Spotter for High Point Furniture Market in October, so make sure and follow her pins on Pinterest HERE!  Traci also has great daily tips on Twitter and I always love reading her tweets.




It is such a pleasure to be guest posting for Denise, whom I am lucky to call friend, fellow designer and role model! 


What does having twins and “designed on a deadline” have in common?   It’s more obvious than you think … and no, it isn’t that they usually arrive before the typical forty week “gestation!”  Whether you are a mom of twins (like me) or an interior designer turning around a luxury projects on a tight time frame (like Denise), a schedule is your brand new best friend.  


Of course, babies aren’t born on a schedule — and neither is a magazine-worthy room — but it’s our job to make that work!  By the time my boys were somewhere around four to five months old, I knew exactly when they would eat and sleep every day.  Sound confining?  It’s exactly the opposite!  A schedule gave me the freedom to plan other activities – you know, fancy things like grocery shopping – without being interrupted by a baby crying from hunger or exhaustion.   I was happy, and they were, too! 


Creating a beautiful room or an entire home within a few short months is much the same.   Custom furniture, for example, cannot be turned around overnight … so it is crucial that a designer know exactly what decisions need to be made when, and in what order, to meet a particular installation date.  Sound confining?  It’s exactly the opposite!  Here, a schedule makes the design process more enjoyable for busy clients – because they are able to get an incredible result in a limited period of time.  The designer is happy, and the clients are, too!  



And what’s the ultimate of “designed on a deadline?”  How about an expectant mom of twins trying to design a nursery before being placed on bed rest or delivering prematurely?  After all, many moms of multiples experience one or both!  Every element of my boys’ room was specified and on order, if not installed, before the 28-week mark – just in case.  Then I could relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, knowing the nursery was finished … just like Denise’s clients relax and know she has their project under control. 


Three cheers for schedules!   


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