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P. Allen Smith via the New Mastermind

Posted by Denise McGaha
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My time in Little Rock with Tobi Fairley during our Mastermind week included a day trip to Moss Mountain Farm, home of P. Allen Smith.  I have followed P. Allen for over 20 years now when he was on our local PBS station on Saturday mornings.  I love his gentle Southern voice and his intense passion for gardening and livestock.  




Today I am going to give you a view of Allen’s home, Moss Mountain Farm.  Based on Greek Revival Architecture, this new home was constructed to look as if it has been here for years.  If you can just imagine the breeze blowing through the oak trees on the top of the hill, you can imagine how serene and peaceful this location feels.



The entry foyer was ready for Fall when we arrived.  P. Allen shared that he found these great wall sconces in New York where they were salvaged from a hotel. (A little sneak peek here….Jan Showers has a room being shared in her new book “Glamorous Retreats” I am reviewing here on the blog next week, that also features these sconces from New York.  Something tells me P.Allen and Jan were at the same auction!!)



The porches off the rear of the house on both the second and third floors overlook the Arkansas River and offer a respite from the day.  The second story porch serves the main living areas, kitchen and offer outdoor living and dining space.  The third floor houses the sleeping porch….my favorite equipped with a copper tub for outdoor bathing.  The ultimate luxury!







We were served an organic lunch full of farm fresh vegetables and fruits and spent time chatting one-on-one with P. Allen Smith.  He shared everything from his early experience finding Moss Mountain Farm to his branding tips for building a brand that is part of licensing agreements with Lowe’s, eHow any many,many more.


I have so much more to share with you, I will be back next with views of the private floors of the home showcasing the collections of P. Allen Smith at Moss Mountain Farm.  You don’t want to miss it!  Happy Friday!!

Summer and the Livin is Easy

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I am out of the office this week while I am working with my business consultant (Tobi Fairley – Mastermind Guru) and…….let’s be honest, I have my eye on Friday.  That’s the day my beach vacation officially begins and because I am such a planner I have already designed my vacation with a deadline.  I have children away at camps this week, clothes already packed a full four days before we leave, blah, blah, blah.  No stress ahead for this little lady.

So while my posts may be a little spotty over the next few weeks, I have compiled a quick little fashion inspiration for the summer.  Chic.  Cool. Fashionable.  Day to Evening Casual.  What’s not to love?




Shop this look::  Towel Target//Tunic Tory Burch//Shorts J. Crew//Sandals Havianas//Aviators Tory Burch//Fedora Rag & Bone


Mission Ole and Anteks and Taxidermy Too

Posted by Denise McGaha
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Mr. Beckley and I attended a charity function on Tuesday evening this week benefitiing Trinity River Mission

This great charity hosted their kickoff event for Mission Ole’ at Anteks furniture showroom on Dragon Street and to be honest I haven’t been in there in AGES!!  Like since the Deep Ellum days.


Some things change and some things stay the same.  The charming owner of Anteks, Jason Lenox immediately greeted Mr. Beckley and made it clear that dogs were welcome in his store anytime.  Of course, he is our new best friend!!

While Anteks has a definite vibe that is rustic casual, I also spied several great pieces and a conversation was started around taxidermy with my friends. 


Mr. Beckley isnt quite sure what to think of this coyote



It’s been quite chic lately to have taxidermy in your projects.  You have seen the peacocks, and even giraffes.


Celerie Kemble for Lonny Magazine

Celerie Kemble for Elle Decor

I also read an article in Architectural Digest highlighting Creel and Gow and their taxidermy offerings in New York.  Christopher Gow and Jason Creel note that all of their taxidermied (is that a word?) animals died of natural causes and we often part of a zoo or owned by individuals….no hunting allowed!

Creel and Gow Cabinet of Curiosities

Creel and Gow Turkey Taxidermy

Creel and Gow Lionness

Several photos were snapped around the taxidermy in Anteks and while I have a stuffed Bobcat in my husbands television room, others were TOTALLY turned off by it.  There was even discussion about whether or not to post images of the taxidermy on your social media channels from the event.  Fear of PETA slamming you on Twitter.


Anteks Horn Wall


Carolyn Roehm uses antlers to great effect in her designs

I had no idea there was such a conversation to be had, so I thought I would bring the subject to you here.  What are your thoughts on taxidermy in design of your projects or in your home?  I would love to know.


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