Yesterday was a surreal day.  I have watched Oprah for years…..Since I was a child and my grandmother called her “O-fra”.  She was in Dallas yesterday filming two episodes of her Lifeclass show on the OWN Network.  I had chills most of the time as she and TD Jakes (who organized Mega Fest, which this filming was a big part of) worked with families to resolved absentee father issues and also family relationships to create health in their personal life.

I have followed the Reverend TD Jakes being that he is in Dallas but never saw him deliver as well as he did yesterday.  I am still counting this as one of my top ten experiences because I was in tears most of the time.  And I cry only when necessary.  Trust me!

I had such a great day with my gal-pals and am still on cloud nine!  I am doing some final packing for our big move on Tuesday to our new offices and looking forward to big birthday parties this weekend for my daughter and I.

What great times I have before me over the long weekend and I am so, so excited.  For now, I am signing off for the big Holiday weekend and to rest up for our big move next week.  See you then!!  Have a great holiday weekend.