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Saturday Sass Tobi Fairley

Posted by Denise McGaha
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My friend and mentor Tobi Fairley is at it again – she has given away another great secret on her blog from Stacy Naquin, interior designer, friend and Mastermind member.

Check out Tobi’s blog on Olioboard and find out how you can create drawings like this while attending her upcoming Design Camp A-Z.

I love Tobi and her influence on my business has been priceless.  I guarantee that a trip to Little Rock will change you too, whether you are a designer, design lover or just want to have a great girls trip getaway and learn LOTS!

Enjoy and make sure you register for Olioboard if you aren’t a member yet.

Have a great weekend!!



Sunday Shortcut: Olioboard Planning

Posted by Denise McGaha
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My Sunday Shortcut for today wraps up our week of Olioboard #oliolove.  Having a tool like Olioboard makes Designing with a Deadline a breeze.  I have learned so much from being a contestant in the High Point Style Spotter #9 Contest.  And if you haven’t seen me campaigning like a crazy woman, then I will tell you that Olioboard is already making it’s way into a tool I use everyday in my work.

When you are planning a project at your home, I encourage you to use Olioboard as a way to organize your thoughts, your vision and also as a way present your vision to contractors, your design team and your financial team (read: hubby).

I have included a few boards to get you started from my friends in the industry:

My first Olioboard to introduce my favorite color ORANGE to a modern living space:


This great board from my friend Lynda Quintero-Davids shows you how great organizing your closet can be with Olioboard.

My friend and designer Kim Hoegger shows us how inspirational gray and gold can be together.

Use Olioboard as your shortcut to confirming your vision and you will have a new space in NO TIME!  Happy Sunday and please go vote today and everyday for my Style Spotter board HERE.  Don’t forget you are entered in a GIVEAWAY for Amanda Nisbet’s new book each time you vote!!

Our First Ever Giveaway and Olioboard

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I’m still VERY excited about being nominated for Olioboard’s Style Spotter for High Point Market in October!  Now as you know, in order to win anything you are nominated for, you need VOTES….and where will I get those votes? From YOU!  The great thing about this voting is you can vote EVERY DAY, one time each day, until August 22!


And, I know, everyone likes a little extra incentive to dedicate time each day to do something….so here’s what I want to do for YOU!  Each time you vote, I’ll enter your name into a drawing for the fabulous new book by one of my favorite designers, Amanda Nisbet.


Amanda’s book “Dazzling Design” will be the perfect present for our most dedicated voters!  It is so full of the amazing use of color and punch that she brings to every project!  So, one of my lucky and devoted supporters will be the proud owner of Amanda’s new book!


Now, several people have said to me “How can I vote?  I’m a little confused.”  If you have tried, or thought it was just too much hassle, here’s the skinny on the details of voting….


1.  Follow this link to Olioboard (click HERE)

2.  Look for this picture


3.  If you aren’t currently a member of Olioboard select “sign up” and follow the prompts.  If you are already a member, just “sign in”.

4.  My board is titled “Modern Loft Living” and looks like this –


5.  Click on the red heart at the bottom right corner of my board

6.  The heart will then turn from a plus sign into a check mark, indicating you have successfully placed your vote!!  And you’re done – that wasn’t so hard was it???


I don’t want to bug you every day, but I know in order to win anything you must campaign….so I will be campaigning for your vote every day until August 22nd!  Each and every day until then, I am asking for your vote!  And in return, I’ll put your name into the drawing…one time for every vote you place.  Thank you so much in advance for your votes and your support!  I’ll let you know who wins the Style Spotter and the book on August 23rd!  


Thanks everyone for your support!!


BTW – When I am a Style Spotter, I will be visiting all the great showrooms and High Point Furniture Market and “Style Spotting” the great new trends – one for each showroom.  Then I will “Pin” them to Pinterest and you will vote on the best Style Spotters boards from all 9 Style Spotters.  You will have the opportunity to see the latest trends before they ever reach stores or shelter magazines and have even more opportunities to win upcoming GIVEAWAYS!



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