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Friday Focus: Part I – Dallas Market Center Sneak Peek Finds

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I was recently invited with a group of bloggers to a Sneak Peek of select showrooms at Dallas Market Center.  The weekend was kicked off Friday evening with a Champagne Toast honoring ARTS Award finalists and HGTV’s John Gidding, the evening was full of fun. 



I knew many of the Sneak Peek attendees including Shay Geyer, Leslie Hassler, Kelly Copeland, Hilary Walker, Kim Hoegger and Courtney Price.  These ladies are my friends and have amazing blogs that you should be following!! I have linked them all for you.

Our group met early the next morning for breakfast hosted by Dallas Design Supply and I was able to see what amazing items are available for our client projects and in such a beautiful setting. 

We spent time with the gals from Dwell with Dignity over breakfast and learned more about their mission.  We have needed this resource and if you haven’t signed up for their emails, you should HERE.


Kim and Lisa from Dwell with Dignity


Next stop was the Marshall Clements Showroom.  The guys from Marshall Clements (who are well known in Little Rock with a beautiful antiques store there) have created a truly lovely space in the World Trade Center.  Located on the 5th floor, this space was full of wonder.  Beautiful antiques, original art and more:



We visited Studio A and witnessed the beauty of hand dipped metals, reclaimed and recycled materials and beautiful design:


An amazing run through the Park Hill Collection where old-world furniture and fixtures breathe instant life into new fresh spaces.  If you love casual and aged, this is the space for you…


In-Detail and The Mix displayed the many lines they represent:



And this is only the first part of the day…..Part II is coming in a future blog.  My eyes were opened to showrooms I have never seen before and I am anxious to specify products from these new vendors for upcoming projects in our firm.  A huge thanks to Dallas Market Center for this great opportunity and for treating our group so well for the day.

Friday Focus: Vision Boards for Goal Setting

Posted by Denise McGaha
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Do you remember when I mentioned creating a vision board for my goals for 2013??  Never happened.  Doesn’t mean it won’t but I am getting so many goals accomplished that I haven’t set aside time yet for my visioning.  I decided to create a vision board on Pinterest in the meantime. Check back HERE as I continue to add to my online Vision Board for 2013.



I love vision boards for their ability to predict.  Mr. M is famous for making vision boards and every time we look back at one he made in the past, so many of those dreams have come to fruition.  Visioning is a POWERFUL tool in business and in your personal life.

Have you made the time to focus on your goals or visions for 2013.  Make a visual of some sort….Pinterest…Paper….or both and when you look back at the end of the year, or even YEARS later, I promise it will be reavealing and enlightening. 

Friday Focus: Organized Behind the Scenes

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I have started working on a few of my goals for 2013 that I shared earlier this week HERE.  One of the goals that can be tackled and checked off first, is ORGANIZING.

I am guilty of having everything in a room picture perfect, as long as you don’t open a drawer or door.  Things like 14 pens in my bedside table drawer. 


Pasta from 6 years ago in the pantry.  Throw pillows put up in a closet 10 years ago that have never seen daylight.  REALLY!!??  I preach a really good sermon on organization at the design studio and we do a good job of having everything in the office in its place. 


At home….that’s another story.  So I have resolved to tackle these hidden spaces one at a time over the next few months.  I have listed the areas that will get my scrutinizing eye. I want things tidy by Spring, so just like any design project that needs to be completed on a deadline, I am planning and scheduling for the beauty that will await.

My pantry was organized and labeled last weekend. Here is what it looked like BEFORE:


It may have taken me 8 hours, but everyone’s mornings are much better thanks to an organized breakfast bar bin and labeled cereals.


Now, onto the children’s closets this weekend.  The main goal there is that when I am done, they are finally able to reach their clothing in order to select their clothing for the day without my help.

Is organizing part of your goals for 2013?  Do you have any tips for making fast work of cleaning those closets, drawers and storage rooms?


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