As part of the Brizo Blogger19 family, I have been a behind-the-scenes member of an exclusive group of designers and bloggers for Brizo for a few years now.  This means many things, including insight into new products they are considering and are also planning to launch.  Imagine my delight when these beautiful designs landed in my inbox by many of my designer friends.  Take a moment to see the beauty that is Brizo and see it come to life here in the vignettes designed by Christian, Donna , Richard and Jonathan.

Brizo is excited to share two new kitchen and bath offerings:

  • Solna Articulating Kitchen Faucet
  • Rook Bath Collection

Brizo has teamed up with fellow Blogger19 alumni and asked them to conceptualize four unique spaces in order to showcase these new product offerings.  I think you’ll agree that these vignettes are stunning and Brizo has created two fabulous new collections.


Legate Total

Set design by Jonathan Legate, Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation

Hall Total

Set design by Donna Hall, Donna Mondi Interior Design

Herb Total

Set design by Richard Herb, Richard W. Herb and Associates

May Total

Set design by Christian May, Maison 21

We specify Brizo on many of our design projects and love their view to fashion and function.