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Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Where Muses Dwell

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I am so excited to be heading to LA next week (May 6-8) for the La Cienega Design Quarter event LEGENDS 2015.  This year’s theme is “Where Muses Dwell”.



This is my first time to attend the event but I remember last year being so jealous that all my friends were there being immersed in the inspiration of the event while I was installing a big project back in Dallas.  This year the stars aligned and I was able to make the trip happen.  I also plan to do a little shopping for a few projects that need some West Coast vibe.

Many of my designer friends are presenting windows this year and I can’t wait to see their creations.  Here is a complete list of the Window Designers and the Muse they will be designing their showroom window to represent.

There are many great Design Bloggers who are Ambassadors for this years event as well and if you aren’t following their blogs you are missing out!  Here’s the complete list::


For a complete list of events, check HERE.

Here are a few highlights from last years’ event.  It’s sure to be sold out from all of the warning emails I have been receiving about making sure to RSVP to the events.

Screenshot 2014-05-16 07.57.34




20140511- LCDQ Legends Ambience - 001-XL




Screenshot 2014-05-16 08.05.27




I hope to see you there!

Book Review:: Bunny Williams On Garden Style

Posted by Denise McGaha
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In 1998 I was planning my garden wedding and excited to embark upon a new married life and the new world ahead of me.  I bought a book I found at the bookstore (no Amazon at that time) by Bunny Williams titled “On Garden Style” to get inspired for the garden seating we had planned and also for the new home I would be sharing with Mr. M and how to tackle the gardens there.

Fast forward 16 years and Bunny Williams has re-released her book “On Garden Style” full of fresh new photography and insight.  Get yours HERE.  It’s full of the sage advice from Bunny on how to furnish your garden, planting to fit your style of garden and the basics on the bones of a good garden.






Everything is this book is the reason I bought it 16 years ago and it’s just a relevant and full of inspiration as before.  I love all the new photos and how she shares her plant lists and reading lists too.





I love Bunny on so many levels and we use her furnishings in many of our projects.  Every time I have a chance to chat with her she is so engaging and I have always felt a kinship with her since that summer many years ago when I got to know her through the pages of her book.

Happy Spring and Happy Reading!

My Love Affair with Fromental

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I have been making big decisions when it comes to our home remodel.  I have decided to keep the floors we have (slate and wood) in order to get the other items I wanted for our remodel – like dining room wallpaper!!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peek of my new dining room wallpaper from Fromental.

wallaper roll

I am known for designing spaces quickly and our remodeling project is no different, so when I decided I wanted wallpaper in our dining room, I passed over many of the options I loved because of timing.  Some custom options can take up to four months to deliver and I didn’t have the luxury of waiting.  Then I had an opportunity to see the new Imprime’ collection from Studio Fromental.


STOP. IT!!  You mean I can get this wallpaper on a tight timeline and it delivers this look?  Where do I order?!?

Paper Before

One of the questions I received was whether it would look as beautiful as the hand-painted versions.  I had these same concerns but when it was installed yesterday, that disappeared.  It has the same hand-painted “feel” even though it is printed.


Digital printing has come a long way and my dining room is proof.  The other reason this option worked for me is that the budget we have for the investment in our remodel doesn’t really support a custom hand-painted paper.  So how to get the look on my budget?  Enter Fromental and this beautiful Rose Gold finish I chose.  I am honestly giddy because my dining room is finally getting what it needed to feel classic and elegant.

I promise more full room shots once I have my home professionally photographed this summer.  Now on to dreaming about how to style my dining room for that shoot in June.

Sweet Dreams!!

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