I have had this post spinning around in my head for some time, so when an appointment was rescheduled this morning, I decided to write my thoughts to all of you.  I want your feedback and would love to hear what you think on the subject of work/life balance.  So here we go….

I think work/life balance is BULL!  I think all this talk about finding a balanced life only supports the image of a perfect life.  My life isn’t perfect.  And I don’t know about yours, but I would venture to say it’s probably not perfect either.  And what is balance anyway?  I am a mommy, a wife, a designer and career person, a daughter, a sister, a church member (though not at the level I want to be lately), a friend, a sister, a pet mommy, a bookkeeper, a gardener, a driver, a cook (my husband is the true chef in our family), and a boss.  How in the world can anyone be expected to balance all of that?

You DON’T.  You ebb and flow.  Right now at work, I am experiencing more work projects than we have had in years.  A promising real estate market, great realtors and developers and all that marketing of our projects to the world have paid off.  We have more work than I can handle with my small boutique staff and we are adding to our team.  A HUGE blessing.  And for those designers who lived through a recession and are experiencing the same thing, I am hearing the following::

I don’t have time to blog!

I don’t have time to workout!

I need to spend more time with my significant other!

I am SO tired!!

When do I fit it all in?

So is this complaining?  Are you a failure if this is how you feel?  NO!!!  So right here, right now I am banishing the phrase “work/life balance” from my vocabulary.  For me it doesn’t exist.  I am SO happy to be where I am at work right now and while my household may be in disarray and my husband has taken over cooking for a while (he is awesome BTW), my life is pretty darn perfect.  We have a child with a broken arm, a geriatric dog that will need to be put down soon, my closets are a complete wreck, my kitchen is in desperate need of a deep cleaning, my washer has been broken for three weeks and fitting a vacation in this summer looks almost impossible.  And now my response…………


I learned this phrase when I did experiential life training almost 10 years ago and it has become my new mantra.  Get over it people.  The pendulum will swing in the other direction soon, and I will have an additional person in my office to help take up the slack.  Kids will be out of school and homework and projects will be a distant memory.


I will find a pace that is a little slower and that kitchen will get cleaned, and maybe even remodeled (YAY!).  And if none of that happens…..


So I haven’t blogged in a while due to the fun I have been having working on projects.  Here’s the deal, I am a designer who has a blog.  When I have huge projects that are paying really great and these projects need to be Designed with a Deadline, they become the priority.  And the blog suffers…..


I will pick up the blog again and share with all of you the great things that I have been working on behind the scenes.  I will swing the pendulum again in the other direction and get back on track with blogging.  And I haven’t worked out and I have gained like almost 10 pounds. Workouts have been traded for late night and early morning work jam sessions.


I will try to grab salads for lunch this week and have started walking again in the early mornings with my son (which is a way good thing).  And have you heard about those Spanx bathing suits?  And so what if my friends see me with  little more weight on than I had last year.  If they love me for my waistline, I am spending time with the wrong people anyway.  I will get back on track and feel better about my body soon.  It’s an ebb and flow.

Wow, do I feel better just writing this.  I hope it speaks to some of you and that you aren’t sitting around, blaming yourself for all the negative things that are happening as a result of your “lack of balance”.  It’s a myth.  You juggle and you tap dance and you do what you can.  And you stay happy and in the moment and enjoy every minute.  Here’s to celebrating your life and all of it’s craziness.  Right.  Where. You. Are.

Have a great weekend and let me know what you think about work/life balance and SO WHAT, NOW WHAT?