I was recently asked to design a wreath for a wonderful charity here in Dallas called Artreach.  I had several immediate ideas, but time and material limitations set in so I decided to turn to nature for inspiration.

I have to start by telling you I am not normally a DIY-crafty girl, although I love to design floral arrangements and holiday greenery.  I just never have enough time to implement my ideas, because of other deadlines.  But if I can achieve this in the short amount of time I did – about an hour – you can too!

1.  I found a neighbor with a sweet gum tree, which drops these pods several times a year.  They had a huge tree, so we collected a large paper bag about 3/4 full to complete the wreath.


2.  We used a foam wreath form as our base and warmed up the glue gun!


3.  Start gluing the pods in a circular pattern around the wreath, moving slowly so that each pod sets before you glue the next.


4.  When you are done, the natural colors of the wreath could be left just like this.  This would be a beautiful Fall wreath before Christmas.


5.  Last, I chose to paint my wreath a beautiful pewter color and attached a simple ribbon to hang it.


This wreath is super simple and it could be saved and re-used for years to come.  I love a natural look for the holidays, so this would fit in perfectly in my home and many of those we install for our clients.  If you need to complete your holiday design “on a deadline”, this is the perfect wreath to greet your guests at the door.


More about Artreach and the support it gives our community in Dallas:

“Artreach-Dallas, Inc. is the only organization in Dallas whose sole purpose is arts outreach to hundreds of social/educational organizations. Their mission is to ensure access to the arts and cultural events for economically disadvantaged children and adults, the disabled and elderly.  With Artreach, the arts are open to everyone.”

Art is healing and when my daughter (who loved helping me with this project) learned why we were sharing our creative wreath, she was so happy to have been a part of this!