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We have been working on a fun new design project around here.  Our new client loves modern design and major function was necessary too.









I thought I would show you some of the great graphic color combos using black and white that are my inspiration for this project.







Vintage items and mirrors were also a request.  Black and white.  Timeless.  Chic.  Never boring!!





I cant wait to share the finished product with you to see how our inspirations played out in the final design.  Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enjoying the change in the seasons and time with family!!


**These images and more inspiration can be found on my Pinterest Board HERE!

P. Allen Smith Gardens at Moss Mountain Farm

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Not only are the interiors of Moss Mountain Farm, P. Allen Smith’s home in Arkansas (HERE and HERE), warm and inviting, the grounds are simply stunning.  I have a gardening background and my first job out of college was in the lawn and garden industry, so I absolutley adored my tour.  Thank you Tobi Fairley for introducing us to P. Allen Smith!!






Allen has several outbuildings on the property, one being his studio where he paints (can this man do everything?).  The others are used for parties and entertaining, as well as landing spots while touring the grounds.  A great place for a drink and to survey the view of the Arkansas River….can you say LOVE!!??





Allen also loves poultry and is a huge supporter of farm-raised and organic foods and livestock.  He has several chicken houses on the property and a hatching facility too.  He has Silkies and they have the cutest coop/hen house. 



I want chickens now….and not the ones I grew up with.  They were run-of-the-mill bantams.  These are beautiful birds and they have such great personalities.  Maybe I can convince Tobi Fairley to get chickens for her new house and I can live vicariously through her.

Our final stop was the vegetable garden (AKA the staff gardens) and the best part…..the rose garden. 





Can you guess what famous gardens the rose garden was modeled after?  The rose garden was the most recent addition and there are still areas that are planned for planting over the next few seasons.  I LOVED the formality of Allens’ rose gardens and the buildings surrounding them.






Cant you envision a wedding on the grounds of the rose gardens? (Moss Mountain Farm is available for weddings and events)  I hope you have been as inspired as I was by the tour of Moss Mountain Farm.  Which was your favorite?  The house? Allens’ collections? The gardens??  I would love to hear what you think and let me know which famous gardens inspired Allen to create his own rose garden paradise in Arkansas?



P. Allen Smith Part II via the New Mastermind

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Today I am sharing Part II of my posts on P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm.  My last post (HERE) included a tour of the public floors of Moss Mountain Farm and today I will give you a look into P. Allen’s bedrooms, guest rooms and his wonderful collections.


The American Trinity – as fondly referred to by Allen



Allen shows off his antique library ladder that folds into a long pole….genius!!





Allens Antique Tester Bed from New Orleans


The soft lavender guest room which had two full size beds and a desk….so cozy.  Reminds me of my childhood bedroom.



I felt so at ease in his home maybe because he is a collector.  I don’t think you can live and grow up in the South and not have collections.  We all have generations of china, silver, books and chairs (oh the chairs that have been passed down to me) that come with large families and favorite grandchildren (wink wink). 


I loved all of the collections on display and they all gave a view into the very studied and refined tastes of a Southern gentleman.   I can’t wait to share the gardens with you next.  As you know P. Allen Smith is a landscape architect and the grounds of Moss Mountain Farm are AMAZING.  Just wait…..

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