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Thursday Thoughts: Fear Into Courage

Posted by Denise McGaha
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As I begin to make several really large decisions in my business, I have begun to feel FEAR creeping in.  I was even told last week that I am using language that makes it obvious.  Sentences like, “I am afraid that…” and “My biggest fear is…”, even “But what concerns me the most..”. 

We know each other well.  That unsettling pit in my stomach that keeps me up at night.  I need COURAGE to move to the next level with these opportunities and I, like many of you, sometimes listen a little too much to the voice of FEAR.  I am committed to making FEAR become fear.  Just a word.

Do you ever feel like FEAR is controlling your decisions?



Southern Living Showcase House Austin Texas

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I am so excited to share great news!  My dear friend and interior designer Heather Harkovich of Heather Scott Home and Design has just completed the design and furnishings for the latest Southern Living Showcase House. Built by Silverton Custom Homes, this home has stunning lake views.

She recently shared a sneak peek on her blog HERE and I can only imagine the hard work and excitement ahead as the beautiful interiors are revealed.

I have designed several showhomes in my career and they are so full of excitement and deadlines and anxiety and re-selections and then the rush of relief when the doors are opened that first day.  The behind-the-scenes story of a showhouse is very exciting.  Heather will be speaking about all of the details and I will share the dates and details with you soon.

Heather Harkovich

I will be speaking on “Creating Your Interiors on a Showhome Deadline” at the Showcase House, along with Heather, the weekend of February 23rd.  I hope to see you there and if you are planning a trip to  Austin from Dallas, I would love to invite you to join us as part of your weekend plans.


P.S.  Heather Scott Home was recently awarded an ARTS Award for Best Home Accents Store in the Midwest/Southwest.  I couldn’t agree MORE and if you haven’t been to their new store in Austin you must drop by and meet Heather and Scott.


Playing Catch Up so I Can Be Inspired Again

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I have a confession:  My calendar is giving me heartburn.  Since I began adding in all of my appointments for healthy living:  gym, yoga, grocery shopping for healthy food, time with hubby, time with little ones, clients, travel…..there seems to be very little time left for nothing days.  This isn’t something I usually struggle with but it’s all part of changing my lifestyle.  Done it before…can do it again.

I am usually at church on Sunday mornings, but this morning, Little Mr. M was feeling under the weather.  So we snuggled up in bed and I pulled out the laptop to get caught up on blogs, work and emails.

I have also planned this afternoon as the day for Little Miss M’s closet clean out. Confession again: I am just not feeling it.  Do you ever have a hard time getting your mojo? Or even getting out of bed when it’s cloudy and cold out?

So I am doing what I do best.  Taking care of ME and finding inspiration to get back on track.  A quick nap before my alarm goes off to head upstairs and start organizing and de-cluttering. 

Scouring Pinterest for inspiration on little girls closets.  These images have already lifted my spirits and helped me feel the excitement that comes from a clean and organized space.


What are some of your best tips for getting back on track when you aren’t feeling inspired or a little burned out?

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