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Sunday Shortcut: Modern Influences

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I have a personal passion for Modern design.  I have written here often about my favorite vintage furniture stores in Dallas and how I am always looking for fun pieces to infuse my projects with style. 

I don’t normally turn to a newly manufactured furniture piece for this need.  However, when Lexington sent me their Aquarius collection which is available NOW (great since I am “Designing with a Deadline” for three new projects), I was pleasantly surprised.



I have chosen a few of my favorites to use in my presentations and what a great shortcut to find everything you need in one place.  These are also very budget friendly.

This is Lexington furniture….it’s definitely come a long way in presenting thoughtful inspired designs, don’t you think?  Bravo for a capsule collection.  Lexington was listening.

My Inspiration: Red Red Red

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I am working on two new projects this week and BOTH clients have indicated their love for the color red.  In the past I have been a bit hesitant to use red….I mean, it’s audacious. 

It definitely makes a statement. Sometimes it is LOUD. Other times it smolders quietly. Most of the time it is regal and proud. 

But can it be both traditional and modern?  I think so and here are some of the great red images inspiring me this week for my projects.


Which room tickles your fancy?  You can check out more RED on my Color Inspiration Board on Pinterest HERE!


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