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Friday Focus: Olioboard Giveaway Winner

Posted by Denise McGaha
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I was so honored to be nominated to compete as the 9th Style Spotter for High Point Market through designing a room on Olioboard.  The competition was oh-so-fierce and I especially loved seeing two of my very good friends compete for the TOP spot and the 9th Style Spotter position.  I was amazed to see how many people came out to vote for all of the Style Spotter nominees.  A big “hats off” to Jennifer Reynolds and Lisa Mende.  They were neck to neck throughout the competition and Lisa won in the end, but it was sooooo close!  Exciting to watch!!

In case you don’t know what a Style Spotter is, they shop High Point Market during the upcoming Fall market from October 13-18 and place their personal style spotter card on the items that they love the most in each showroom.  They then photograph that item, posting it on their personal Style Spotter board on Pinterest.  Attendees to High Point market are encouraged to vote on their favorite style spotter (9 in total) and a winner is announced.

For all of you loyal voters on my Olioboard entry, I entered your names to win the amazing new book from Amanda Nisbet, “Dazzling Design”. 


It hits bookstores in September and I am excited to announce that Ashley Gill was our winner!!!  Congrats Ashley and thanks so much to all who voted!!

Have a great holiday weekend!


My Inspiration: Accessorizing for Fall

Posted by Denise McGaha
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So much of what I specify and purchase for my clients is inspired by nature. 


The natural beauty and grain of wood.  The colors of fall leaves and winter skies.  



These are all part of my inspiration for the projects I am currently designing.  Are you ready for Fall?

Follow me on Pinterest to see more of my Fall Inspirations HERE!  Hope you are having a fabulous hump day!!



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