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Design Tip of the Week: Pinterest Boards

Posted by Denise McGaha
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When I am working on a design project, like you, it’s not the only thing going on in my life.  I usually have at least five OTHER design projects, children’s activities, dinner to prepare (stop snickering, hubby), phones ringing, a flat tire, and my CPA calling on the other line to talk about my taxes.  SO, how in the world do I have the chance to come up with amazing inspiration every day and bound out of bed full of great, new ideas?  Little secret here….I don’t!
Instead, I check out on life.  Like totally disappear with my laptop or iPad to Pin.
Oh yes – I am addicted to pinning on Pinterest.  I can’t stop!  I sometimes disappear from my frantic life for hours.  I actually sat in the car yesterday after I pulled into the garage and pinned for 20 minutes before the kids came back out to find me.  But, I had great images for my new mood boards I was working on.  And I was instantly energized.
So, now that you have my confession and if you aren’t pinning (and yes, there are people out there who haven’t heard of Pinterest yet) you need to log in today and get going.  You will never be the same!
Now you know one of my best secrets for Designing With a Deadline!

Design Dilemma: In Defense of Green

Posted by Denise McGaha
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When choosing a color palette, I often have my clients fill out a questionnaire.  This time saving step saves us both hours by making sure we are on the same page in designing their project on a deadline.
Questions like, “What is your favorite color?” “What is your least favorite color?”
While I don’t often get the response “green”, there are those who have a true aversion to olive.  But how could this amazing color not be a favorite?  Here are a few inspiration shots to help you answer this question for yourself.
 Psychologically, this usually goes back to childhood.  I know.  I hated yellow…forever!  Until I designed an entire kitchen of it for a recent project.  A child of the 70’s, I grew up with a yellow bedroom and yellow appliances in my childhood kitchen.  It’s kind of like facing your fears head on.  Now, we get along swimmingly.
I would love to hear from you…love it…or not?


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