1. WHAT IS YOUR LIFESTYLE…or the one you wish to have? Know how you wish to live and what you want friends, family and business associates to experience when they are invited into your home. This will determine how your designer delivers your vision. And always remember…it’s YOUR home.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR PLANNED INVESTMENT? A seasoned designer needs to understand your planned investment in order to deliver the highest quality furnishings, accessories and fine art your budget allows.
  3. DOES YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING IN TEAMS? Many projects require a team approach involving spouses or partners, contractors and architects. Make sure your interior designer “plays well” with others and has a reputation for partnering.
  4. DOES YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER HAVE SUPPORT STAFF? This will ensure you have a dedicated team working on your project and not a one-person show. You will get the attention you deserve and the quality you have come to expect.
  5. WHAT IS YOUR TIMELINE? Quality and original designs take time. Your interior designer will deliver their best work and provide you with unique  nds when given time to design and explore all the options for your home. If you have a deadline, communicate it from the outset.

Denise McGaha, principal of Denise McGaha Interiors, has a signature look that encompasses classic tradition with contemporary sensibility. Her fresh style and functional design, often incorporating  fine art, has earned her accolades from both clients and the interior design industry. Often nicknamed Mrs. M by clients who couldn’t pronounce her last name, Denise offers her discriminating clientele access to Dallas’ best kept secret: her black book of high-end, concierge services. For over 10 years, Denise has designed residences for the Dallas area elite. Her sophisticated style and solid business acumen evolved through her decade in the corporate landscape ofluxury retailer, Neiman Marcus. There, she learned valuable business skills, managed marketing campaigns, honed her eye for fashion and was an integral part of the team that launched NeimanMarcus.com.