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My Love Of The Week

Posted by Denise McGaha
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You have seen them; I know you have…those strange trees that are EVERYWHERE…the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree or Ficus Lyrata
I hope these aren’t a trend as I gave one to Mom almost 5 years ago and
it still looks fab.  I tend to kill most living plants, but haven’t
been able to kill one of these yet.  Good sign.  I’m not the only one
who loves them.  Take a look at where they are showing up.  You will see
them in several of our projects because they just look great and are
oh-so hardy.

They are fairly easy to care for,
but one side note…if you are allergic to latex, this would not be a
good plant for you to have, as latex is made from the sap of these

My Love of the Week – Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Image:  Elle Decor

Image: Elle Decor

Image:  Elle Decor

Image: Elle Decor

Image:  Style at Home

Image: Style at Home

Image:  O Magazine

Image: O Magazine

LA Confidential – Part II

Posted by Denise McGaha
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As I previously mentioned, Little Master M arranged a private tour
for us to Paramount Studios just by being the charmer that he is!! 


As we were boarding the plane, the producer for Dr. Phil’s show was
boarding with us.  He struck up a conversation with Master M about the
decaf frappacino he was sipping and they had a good laugh.  Once we were
in the air, he dropped by our seats to pass on his card and invite us
for a private tour if we had time to stop by while we were in
town…..time??  Are you kidding??  The kiddies were over the moon and we
had a great time.  


(These are all the dressing rooms for the starlets and I was most
intrigued to learn about Lucille Ball raising her children in this “home
away from home”)

I learned so much about the great history of Paramount and the big
names they made celebrities and although there were no Jonas Bros.
sightings, we had the opportunity to tour the New York Street lot where
the Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion was shot, starring Drew Barrymore.  How great for the kiddies to see this and know that they were “there”.



The fashion and architecture combined in this shoot are so inspiring!!  I am ready for Fall now and new projects!

Our next stop was La Cienaga Blvd. – home to some of the greatest
designs ever.  Of course, my young design assistants were more than
happy to help at our various stops.

 LA II 5

While I was shopping for fabrics at Hollywood at Home, Master M was typing an important document with the help of Little Ms. M.

 LA II 6

These Felix Agostini sconces, circa 1960, by Therien & Co. were beautiful! 

When we stopped off at the Christopher Farr Showroom
– the adults shopped upstairs while the kiddies designed new rugs for
Christopher.  They were treated so well there and the beautiful rugs
were amazing!!  I found a keeper for the family room.




After all this shopping, we decided it was time for some R&R on
the beach the next day.  We loved the Santa Monica Pier and the cool
weather (have I mentioned the cool weather?)  The aquarium and the
carousel were a must stop as well.

LA II 10

LA II 11 

LA II 12

And finally, the night before we left, every hotel room visit
deserves a GREAT PILLOW FIGHT!!!  Mr. M was terrified someone was going
to fall out off the balcony, but lots of laughter was worth the worry!

LA II 13

I hope you enjoyed my California trip and you are as inspired as I
was.  I loved the fashion, architecture, and overall casual style of LA
and Santa Monica.  I think that casual DOESN’T mean sloppy and every
stop we made proved that the West Coast definitely has a look and style
of its own.  I hope you can make it to the West Coast soon for
inspiration and relaxation – I came back revived and re-inspired.

My Love Of The Week

Posted by Denise McGaha
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As many of you know, one of my favorite on-line magazines is  I was just catching up on the latest edition and found this George Cocktail table. 
I love the sleek base with gold detailing (I am totally into brass and
gold finishes right now) with the depth of this great oval top. 

What do you think…do you have a spot in your family room for this terrific table?

George Cocktail Table

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