Notes from The Inside

Interior Design Visionary Denise McGaha isn’t your typical latte sipping, vino tasting design pro. But then her rise to the top of the design world wasn’t that either. Few professionals make it to the level of success McGaha enjoys, but fewer do it twice and in different industries. To understand M Designs one must first understand how the founder began.

During the 90’s Neiman Marcus was enjoying much success and with the help of a bright, talented buyer who could spot trends and pickup on unparalleled quality, Neimans grew and so did the buyer Denise McGaha. Success found her again when asked to participate in The lessons learned at Neimans stayed with McGaha as she managed to find her way from the inside of the closet to the inside of the house.

Fast forward several years to just before September 11, 2001. McGaha’s son was born and she was sitting at home caring for her newborn. The news coverage stirred up sentiment causing McGaha to act upon a dream that she had all along. Faced with the decision to relocate to Kansas City or stay at home in Big D, McGaha decided life is too short; this was the time to do something she loved. At that point McGaha realized that she knew High End Retail and Interior Design and married both options. M Designs was born and she has never looked back.

Today M Designs is one of the top design firms in Dallas, TX focusing on commercial as well as high end residential with a recently completed Preston Hollow project. Her talent makes people happy and nothing beats the feeling of seeing a totally composed adult jump up and down when the final project is unveiled. Her clients are extremely pleased and appreciative, which is why McGaha has not advertised and works by word of mouth through referrals.
Function is what drives the design perspective, a principle that resonates loudly as her team works to meet increased demand of “their look”. Through the years, McGaha has managed to build a library of images, colors and ideas comprised of over 20,000 pieces. This especially comes in handy when they are in R&D mode.

When asked about trends and direction, McGaha lights up as her passion comes out. From stand alone tubs to Country French styling, everything is cleaner less fussy more urban. Today, manufacturers must have higher quality with less graining, more modern and more distinctive elements to meet the design trends. On the residential front, couples love working with M Designs. Men enjoy it because they cap out the budget, creating another area McGaha excels in, making that dollar stretch. On the commercial side, M Designs has left their print on everything from restaurants, medical centers to plastic surgery offices.

In closing, in this economy when spending money, it needs to be spent wisely and with a carefully thought out plan It is imperative to work with someone with unique talent to achieve the desired finished product. One will be elated with the outcome both from a budget standpoint as well as style perspective. Working with a professional will insure the desired outcome without wasting time or money.

McGaha Favs:
Fashion- Austin Lorin
Health and Beauty- Mouton’s Salon
Dining- Meddlesome Moth